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Our qualified Counsellors including Accredited Counsellors have many years of experience in dealing with a wide range of difficulties. Below are some of the common ones people can experience. Our counselling service can help you with any of these as well as many more not listed.

Alcohol Addiction: 

An addiction is an inability to stop repetitive behaviour in spite of the harmful consequences. Alcohol addiction can allow you a temporary escape from your problems. Acknowledging to yourself that your use of alcohol is causing you a problem is the first big step. 

Anxiety & Stress:

Stress is the pressure under which you are placed by daily life. It can be positive and spur you into action to meet a deadline; but too much stress can put your health at risk and leave you unable to function. It is the second major cause of illness at work, after back problems. Anxiety and depression, the most common forms of mental illness, are often caused by stress.


The grief you can feel when you lose someone close is often the most traumatic and heartbreaking experience. Many people experience a range of feelings, from physical and mental pain, to anger, depression and guilt. Every person deals with their bereavement in their own way and having a trained person in this area to support you through this difficult time can be of benefit.

Blood-Borne Viruses:

Living with a blood-borne virus can have a major impact on all areas of your life. We are passionate in supporting sufferers of HIV, HEP B or HEP C; our charity was founded on this. We have counsellors that specialise in supporting the person living with the condition. We are also aware of the impact this can have on family members, partners and close friends, who we also support.


We all feel sad and miserable on occasions, but these depressed feelings will not usually last for more than a couple of weeks and they certainly do not interfere with your life. Depression is when your feelings do not improve and instead you may experience this 'black hole’ for weeks or months. This experience can become so difficult that it does start to interfere with day to day life.

Drug Problems:

Your craving or impulse for taking drugs may offer a short-term escape from the realities of life, and is often used to deal loss, grief, abuse, trust issues or mental heath conditions. For most, the long term consequences bring extra guilt and shame which eventually create an increasingly destructive cycle, drawing in family and friends. Drug addiction counselling can offer the chance to re-build your life.

Eating Disorders:

Eating disorders are on the increase. The eating of food is a crucial part of our lives. We often try different foods and may even experiment with new routines, such as becoming a vegetarian or just a new diet to improve your health. There is no problem with this, however some extreme eating patterns can be very damaging and even life threatening if not treated efficiently and correctly. Counselling can help you come to terms with and beat these conditions. 


Gambling problems are an increasing issue in this country. It can have a damaging affect on the lives of the gambler as well as friends and family members. Here at Steven James Counselling we have specialised in this area for many years. In partnership with our funders GamCare. we offer a FREE counselling service to the gambler as well as friends and family members affected by it. See our Gambling page for more details.

Low self esteem:

Low self esteem can be expressed in many different ways from feeling shy or unable to say no to the demands of others; to finding it difficult to express yourself in company or give or receive criticism. A person experiencing low self-esteem can struggle with confidence and often feel undeserving of happiness or success. Many who suffer low self esteem can turn other things in order to cope, such as using alcohol, food or drugs. Counselling can be extremely effective in supporting a person in strengthening their self esteem which in turn improves their live and sense of wellbeing.

Relationships or Couples Counselling: 

Relationship Counselling at Steven James will improve the way you relate to others. This may be your partner or family member, your manager or colleague, or a close friend. Our approach is about supporting you to find your own answers, and working together with you to find a way forward.


Steven James Counselling provides Clinical Supervision for those in the helping professions. Our highly qualified Counselling Supervisors bring a wealth of expertise to your experience  as a professional, by encouraging growth and self-awareness within your practice, promoting Safe Practice and enhancing your work.  All our Supervisors adhere to and work within the [BACP] ( Ethical Codes of Practice.


Constant use of Pornography can be a problem. It can affect your relationship and your ability to form a relationship. It can also cause isolation from others. Sometimes this can affect your self-esteem and how you see yourself.

Affected Others:

Sometimes living with a person living with any of the above issues can be harmful and disruptive to your own life. We can offer you support and individual counselling if your life is being affected by someone else.


Private Session Rate:

Qualified Counsellor/Psychotherapist - Individual counselling                                      £45 for 50 mins

Qualified Counsellor/Psychotherapist - Couples counselling                                         £45 for 50 mins

Qualified Counsellor/Psychotherapist - Couples counselling                                         £60 for 90 mins
GamCare counselling for problem gamblers or anyone affected by gambling           Free

Mental Heatlh Workshop:

We are running a 6 week Mental Health Workshop that includes dealing with stress and Anxiety in every day life.  This will start in January 2017.  It will include what signs to look out for and coping strategies.  If you are interested in this workshop then please email to register your interest.  The cost of the cost is £15 per person per week.

Mental Health Day:

We are running a morning taster session which is a taster of the above and will provide you with facts and information about signs and symptoms of every day stress and Anxiety.

This Saturday morning course is £30 per person.  If you would like to attend, please email us at and we will register for you to attend.

Aftercare Groups for Gamblers:

In January 2017 we are starting an 6 week after care group for a support when you have finished your 12 week treatment with us.  This course is also aimed at people who Gamble that are currently not attending any other form of support.  If you would like to register or know of anyone who would be interested in registering then please email us at